Building of a 2nd assembly line for Renault in Morocco


Actemium, which specializes in automobile and aeronautic assembly and also test rigs, has designed and installed the second complete sheet metal assembly line of the Renault Tanger Melloussa factory, dedicated to the manufacturing of the new Dacia Sandero. This line, opened on October 8 after the 8 months that were necessary for its delivery, assembly, fine tuning and commissioning, will allow for production of the Sandero 2 and it can also produce other vehicles.Other models of this line are manufactured in Romania, Brazil and Russia, countries in which Actemium Trappes is also present.

The factory, built by Cegelec Morocco (VINCI Energies), VINCI Construction France and Sogea Morocco (VINCI Construction), was opened in 2012. It was designed so that its impact on the environment would be limited: the CO2 emissions were reduced by 98%, (compared with an equivalent factory), avoiding the emission of 135,000 tons of CO2/year. It does not discharge any industrial liquids into the environment and the drawing of water resources is reduced by 70%. The first line put in service is dedicated to the manufacturing of the Lodgy and the Dokker.

In September, the factory released its 100,000th vehicle. With these two lines, Renault plans to double its production as of 2014.