New lighting for the Montparnasse Tower


Citeos was chosen to install the lighting, combining innovation and energy savings for the Montparnasse Tower.

This VINCI Energies brand specializing in heritage enhancement and dynamic lighting, was chosen by Philips Lighting, the partner of the operation, to install this lighting, designed by lighting designer Régis Clouzet on behalf of the co-owners of the Tour Maine Montparnasse real estate complex.

The work for the installation of this new lighting was done at night by Citéos to avoid disturbing the activities in the Tower and it ran for a period of eight months, ending in February 2012. The designers opted for a system of electroluminescent diodes (LED) for which the intensity and color can be controlled individually to thereby limit the electricity consumption.

 As the intensity of the LEDs can be controlled, it is adjusted during the times when there is less use. In this way, after midnight the frequencies and pulsations give way to a simple blue silhouette around the building.

In all, the electricity consumption of this new lighting system is more than 90% lower than that of the old system.

Moreover, the light sources were installed in the technical niches within the building in order to simplify the maintenance.

972 strip lights of 40 LEDs distributed over the vertical edges of the tower offer synchronized light progressions while the top floor, with a ring of 58 spotlights with slow light pulsation, creates a new visual reference point in the nighttime Parisian sky.

Close to 40,000 color LEDs are thus managed by a centralized programming system, allowing for work to the “nearest pixel” and the composing of all types of lighting sequences.