Troyes Hospital Center

CH-Troyes 2Axians is deploying a 2nd network backbone at the Troyes Hospital Center.

Axians, the IT brand of the VINCI Energies Group specializing in the integration of comprehensive company communication solutions, has deployed a second network backbone and new health care applications at the Troyes Hospital Center.

The Axians teams worked on the design of a high availability network solution and the deployment of technologies to allow for a greater level of fluidity for the transit of information and communications.

The new network backbone deployed serves the new building of the Hospital Center. It is accompanied by a gigabit wireless network managed in a decentralized manner. To supplement the mobility infrastructure, Axians installed facilities that will allow the health care professionals of the Troyes Hospital Center to remotely access, in a secure manner, the medical files of their patients as well as health care applications, regardless of their place of consultation. The doctors can also issue prescriptions at the patients' bedside or consult care plans via their tablets or from a PC. All of the information, consolidated within the patient's electronic file, is accessible in a simple and optimized fashion.

The possibility of doing teleconsultations is also deployed, based on the model of the current remote imaging system for strokes which has been very successful. Thanks to this system, patients do not have to travel far from their homes. They can have their examinations done at the health care center nearest to them. The examinations are then sent to the Troyes Hospital Center to be interpreted in coordination with the local doctor.
The patient Wi-Fi network, already installed in the pediatrics and dialysis departments, has now been expanded to the entire Troyes Hospital Center.

Axians has been accompanying the Troyes Hospital Center since 2002 in the transformation of its information system. From 2002 to 2005, the Axians teams worked on the replacement of the network backbones, and the overhauling of the network infrastructure and end devices (telephones, computers, etc.). Since 2005, Axians has been revamping this network by increasing its data rate (1 Go at workstations today) and its security.

The Troyes Hospital Center is the flagship establishment of the Champagne Sud hospital community. Beyond this work, the project should allow the nine hospitals and many EHPADs (housing establishments for dependent elderly people) of this health care territory to exchange data.