Business Unit Manager

At VINCI Energies, you are an entrepreneur. You build and conduct your Business Unit’s strategic project, continuously monitor your market and attend to the professional fulfi lment of your teams.

Your responsibilities

  • Define your Business Unit’s sustainable development strategy and implement its marketing action plan
  • Manage your Business Unit in compliance with ethics standards
  • Improve the performance of your Business Unit
  • Define and apply your BU’s health, safety, quality and environment policy
  • Guarantee your Business Unit’s technical capabilities
  • Develop the skills of your employees
  • Foster high-quality labour-management dialogue
  • Participate in Group networking

Your profile

Profit Centre Manager or significant experience as a Business Manager, or in project management and supervision

Your skills

  • Leadership qualities, entrepreneurial spirit
  • Taste for action and interpersonal contact
  • Strategic and marketing vision
  • Managerial, marketing and administrative skills
  • Ability to listen

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