Optical fibre: Very high speed Internet for all

Thanks to the development of high speed services, we’ve long forgotten the sound of a modem connecting and the slowness of that type of connection. With the deployment of optical fibre, the quality of Internet connections is making another leap forward. What is it and how does it work?

install optical fibreHigh speed and very high speed connections have allowed us to streamline and accelerate communications. By transferring data at the speed of light, in a signal of light pulses conducted through a fibre-glass or plastic strand finer than a hair, optical fibre permits throughput around 100 times greater than ADSL networks! This light-based signal can transport data over very long distances, with virtually no loss.

What is FTTH (Fibre To The Home)?

The term is used when the fibre-optic cable is deployed from the optical connection node (where the operator’s transmission equipment is installed) to the subscriber’s premises. FTTH is different from ADSL, which uses a copper network in conjunction with optical fibre.

 Much faster access to the Web, the possibility of watching HD TV, concurrent connections — new uses for this higher quality connection are emerging, while the number of FTTH network subscribers increased by 70% in a single year (2nd quarter 2013)! For communities, having a high speed connection has even become an attractiveness factor that can draw in new residents or increase property values.

Deployment of optical fibre: From the operator to users

installation of a optical fibre cableVINCI Energies, through its brand Axians, has deployed optical fibre for the large national operators in numerous French régions, such as the department of Moselle, and cities, such as Lille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, and the Paris suburbs, as well as in other countries such as Poland and Germany. Axians also proposes an offer specifically for operators to connect small and medium-size companies to their very high speed network. In this way, VINCI Energies is helping to reduce the digital divide and promoting access to very high speed Internet connections for all.

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