We have a responsibility to collectively find appropriate and practical solutions in response to climate change and are therefore committed to reducing our environmental footprint while supporting our clients through the energy transition.

VINCI has made the environment a strategic priority in a bid to address the climate emergency. It comes as no surprise that VINCI Energies has aligned with the Group’s environmental ambition across three main areas.

3 levers of action

  • Act for the climate
    reduction of CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, resilience of structures
  • Optimise ressources thanks to circular economy
    sorting and recovery of waste, materials
  • Preserve natural environments
    Biodiversity, water, air, soil…
Arnaud Grison

At all levels of our organisational structure, there is a strong belief that we must serve as a leader and a source of inspiration in the field of environmental protection.

Arnaud Grison Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of VINCI Energies

Reducing our environmental footprint

We pledged to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 40% between 2018 and 2030 by setting ourselves precise targets and measuring them over time. In keeping with our decentralised structure, each of our business units has taken this approach on board to work out its own CO2 equivalent reduction scenario, implementing initiatives that reflect the realities of its region and operations. We are taking concrete steps to reduce our environmental footprint by using alternative fuels and renewable energy, deploying electric vehicle fleets and conducting energy audits across our buildings.

Corinne Lanièce

As an accelerator of the energy transition and digital transformation, we are well positioned to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental challenges can be addressed in a number of ways and there are solutions to suit all clients, no matter what their situation or needs may be.

Corinne Lanièce General Secretary of VINCI Energies

Providing our clients with environmental solutions

Across all our business lines, we leverage our role as an integrator to support and advise our clients throughout their energy efficiency projects, including the audit, design and maintenance of facilities that consume less electricity. Our companies are demonstrating their creativity by designing environmentally services that suit their clients’ infrastructure and buildings, enabling them to reach their carbon footprint reduction targets. 

Our objective is to be pragmatic and open and opt for the solutions that are most effective and best suited to the context of each of our countries and clients. Once these solutions have been tested on the ground, our brands —  Actemium,  Axians, Omexom et VINCI Facilities — play a vital role in coordinating and sharing them with all our business units.


Northvolt Ett, a factory dedicated to producing greener batteries