Our Values

VINCI Energies is founded on five values: trust, autonomy, entrepreneurial mindset, responsibility and solidarity. Its lifeblood is the human values that are fully embodied by everyone in its business units. These values foster VINCI Energies’ service culture and management model.

Véronique Matignon

Our organisational model based on management empowerment is a key part of our identity. It depends, in turn, on the ability of our employees to put our corporate culture into practice and to take our values – trust, entrepreneurial mindset, solidarity, autonomy and responsibility – on board.

Véronique Matignon VP of Human Resources


Trust underlies the values of empowerment, responsibility and entrepreneurship, enabling everyone to demonstrate their talents. We choose to build working relationships based on trust. Trust is given, earned and rewarded so that everyone to work together.


Each business unit develops its own operational and business strategy to meet the needs of their clients and anticipate trends in their markets. In our business units, each employee is free to show initiative, which encourages innovation.

Entrepreneurial mindset

We acknowledge everybody’s ability to show initiative, weigh up risks, envision success and achieve it. We know how to pool our skills to respond to complex projects and provide our clients with comprehensive services and processes while staying true to our network of medium-sized business units.  


Making our employees aware of their responsibilities, no matter their role or level within the organisation, is key to our success. Everybody is responsible for their colleagues, projects, clients and business unit. 


We demonstrate solidarity by working as part a network to share knowledge, activities and resources within VINCI Energies for greater efficiency and responsiveness. Our employees and business units also show solidarity by getting involved in civil society.