Omexom - Expert services for electricity generation and transmission

Omexom is VINCI Energies’ brand specialised in electrical power generation, transmission, transformation and distribution.

omexom brand of vinci energies

As an actor in the Power & Grid market, Omexom offers an entire range of engineering, construction, and maintenance services to its customers (producers, operators and owners of networks, equipment manufacturers, and manufacturers). As an integrator in the energy sector, Omexom supports them with complex project management and turnkey solutions.

An international player involved in energy challenges and smart grids

Omexom works in over 40 countries and is a market reference in the Power & Grid sector thanks to its capacity to provide services throughout the entire electrical production and transmission chain. Omexom is involved in the energy transition and is one of the leading companies in the development and implementation of smart grids.

The 250 business units of the Omexom network also supply innovative offerings to manage more conventional development and maintenance projects.


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