Omexom delivers on the promise of energy transition

Omexom is the VINCI Energies’ brand specialising in electricity generation, transmission, conversion and distribution projects, to end usage.


Omexom helps electricity producers, transmission and distribution system operators and local and regional authorities fulfill the promise of the energy transition. Our goals, going forward, are to foster access to electricity, ensure secure supply and develop sustainable energy.
Omexom business units notably offer innovative solutions in the fields of energy from renewable sources, urban natural gas networks, electricity storage, low-carbon mobility and energy and transport infrastructure management.

An international player involved in energy challenges of territories

Omexom-ligne-haute-tensionLocated in 37 countries on five continents, from rural to major urban areas, Omexom is a system integrator for the energy community. The 435 business units and 23,500 employees of the Omexom network help promote access to electricity, ensure security of supply and develop sustainable energy. To develop optimal solutions on these issues, Omexom has teamed up with startups, industrial SMEs and academic partners to pursue a policy of innovation.


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