Solutions to light up your life in the city with Citeos

Citeos, VINCI Energies’ lighting and dynamic urban equipment brand, continues to make cities more attractive, safe and enjoyable thanks to environmentally friendly solutions.

citeosCiteos is engaged in innovation to develop smart and pragmatic solutions for lighting systems and urban equipment that meet CSR commitments and fit harmoniously into the environment to the benefit of cities and their inhabitants. Citeos acts as a partner for local authorities and is involved in the local community where teams are committed over the long term. Citeos is recognised for its expertise in the following fields:

  • public lighting,
  • enhancement of cultural heritage sites,
  • festive illuminations,
  • dynamic urban equipment,
  • connected object supervision and remote management systems,
  • transport infrastructure equipment.

A network of expert business units in lighting and dynamic urban equipment

Business units specialised in lighting and dynamic urban equipment are united under the Citeos brand. The Citeos network of 70 business units located throughout France is able to provide customers with specialised technical solutions and experience-based expertise both in urban and rural areas by delivering truly locally-based services.

Citeos business units offer installation design, construction, maintenance and global management services.


Optimising energy consumption: a commitment to and alongside municipalities

citeos-lightingCiteos maintains 1,500,000 light points in proper working order in more than 3,000 municipalities in mainland and overseas France, also in Austria, Spain and Morocco. Citeos works to manage and ensure the efficiency of 670,000 pieces of urban equipment and partners with 19 local authorities under 15 to 20 year partnership agreements, such as Aix-les-Bains and Cergy-Pontoise. 

Citeos renovates and enhances cultural heritage sites in cities, making them fit better into the environment and making public spaces safer and more comfortable, as well optimising energy consumption.

Citeos supports cities to achieve the promises of the smart city, such as for the Cher department, Rillieux-la-Pape and Auckland.

At the leading edge of innovation

Citeos’ specialised teams are committed to offering high-quality services. Therefore, their skills and continuing training in the fields of lighting and dynamic urban equipment represent major challenges that Citeos addresses by offering ongoing training and maintaining a constant technical and legal watch.

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