ICT: At the heart of the digital transformation

4G networks, fibre optics, cell phone coverage, cloud and more. Responding to the growth in demand for high-performance telecommunications infrastructure and services coming from private individuals, companies and local authorities is decisive if we want to meet one of society's greatest challenges: the digital transformation.

telecommunicationMobile telephone operators and service providers, enterprises and public sector are all focusing on the same concern: developing their infrastructures and digital solutions. This explains the substantial investments being made across all the different networks: expanding infrastructure for mobile telephony, integration of networks for companies and local authorities, and the rollout of fibre optics  to end users, among others.


A booming market for VINCI Energies


Through its Axians brand, VINCI Energies provides its customers with its ICT expertise as well as innovative customised solutions: software solutions, cloud and data centre solutions, enterprise networks and collaborative solutions, telecommunications infrastructure.

Axians offers a complete range of IT services and solutions for enterprises and public sector. Axians provides top-notch, scalable and sustainable solutions.

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