Predictive maintenance in Industry 4.0

“Prevention is better than cure” is equally true in industry! Predicting and anticipating breakdown and failures is essential in this highly competitive sector. But how can we predict the future?

“At the beginning of my career, maintenance could be mostly described with a statement like this: `I go and fix it quickly so production can start up again’, explains Laurent Fontaine, Business Manager at Actemium. Since then, maintenance in the industrial sector has seen major changes.
Corrective maintenance, carried out after detection of a breakdown or when a machine needs to be refurbished, has gradually given way to preventive maintenance. At regular intervals, or according to predefined criteria, a technical inspection is conducted. With predictive maintenance, breakdown detection jumps to another level. Sensors allow for equipment to be serviced based on its real conditions of use. Analysis of data from monitoring systems permits a determination of the probability of failure. In this way, we can predict a breakdown and plan the maintenance of a machine. Unplanned production stoppages can thus be avoided, allowing manufacturers to increase their productivity.

Industry 4.0: Tools to predict the future?

Several tools complement sensors in monitoring machines, as follows:

  • Computer Assisted Maintenance Management (CAMM): This tool permits prediction of breakdowns so elements of a production line can be repaired and thus avoid unplanned stoppages. The information it provides helps to make decisions.
  • Monitoring software: These applications report incidents in real time and can help with maintenance. For example, if they are connected to CAMM applications, they can trigger a maintenance order when a product fault is detected. 
  • Digital controllers: Used to program and operate machine tools, they also allow for analysis of data from motors to determine their level of degradation and plan for their replacement. 

These tools allow people to control, monitor, and repair machines remotely.

Industrial maintenance from VINCI Energies

The VINCI Energies brand that is expert in industrial processes, Actemium, is active in the predictive maintenance essential to production processes in connected factories.
VINCI Facilities is also involved in providing multitechnical maintenance, multiservice, and facility management for industrial sites.