Retrofit project for Euroflaco  

Teams from Actemium Lyon Logistics completed an automation and IT retrofit of part of the installation that enables Euroflaco (ALPLA group) to efficiently collect, store and dispatch the plastic bottles manufactured on its site in Compiègne, in northern France.

Actemium Lyon Logistics provided Euroflaco (ALPLA group), a firm specialising in extrusion blow-moulding of hollow bodies for bottle manufacture, with a modernisation solution designed to enhance the performance of existing systems at its production facility in Compiègne, northern France. 

The primary objective of the retrofit is to future-proof obsolete systems by replacing the control system (automation, monitoring and computing) while retaining the existing mechanical components. On Euroflaco’s behalf, Actemium teams retrofitted a complete system consisting of several individual units dedicated to each required function: 


This includes storage-and-retrieval systems, shuttles and conveyors to facilitate the entry and exit of empty pallet boxes waiting to be filled and full ones awaiting dispatch. 

• Production input: 

This incorporates a system for unstacking, opening and purging boxes ready for filling, a system that counts bottles and fills the pallet boxes, and shuttles to bring in empty boxes and take them away once filled. 

Production output:  

This includes systems to label, seal and restack full boxes ready for storage. 

Dispatching full pallets to customers: 

This process uses shuttles to group orders or batches together on a conveyor in dummy truckloads, and interfaces with an automatic truck loading system. 

Receiving empty pallets back from customers: 

The same systems are used as for dispatch, ensuring operational symmetry. 

As part of this project, a system for scanning all barcodes in a stack of pallets was installed and integrated with the new WCS (warehouse control system) software from Actemium. 

This collaboration continues with the introduction of new foldable pallet boxes at Euroflaco, where the installation of a robot to unstack and open these pallet boxes is in progress. This will be integrated with existing flows and managed by the WCS.  

Actemium teams will also continue to help Euroflaco with maintenance and continuous optimisation of its installation, providing technical support and regular on-site maintenance visits. 

Watch the video: