A responsible alternative to buying new products!

VINCI Facilities has set up Reyuz, a platform designed to promote equipment reuse between VINCI Energies business units.

With the climate emergency upon us and environmental concerns increasingly present among the public, the debate on how to consume more responsibly is open. In this respect, reuse is a solution that could help grow the circular economy. From fashion to the construction and engineering sector, multiple platforms offering items a second life are now emerging.  

In 2020, the VINCI Group launched the Environment Award which recognises the best field initiatives to be submitted by employees all over the world. The most innovative and impactful projects for the planet are developed and replicated with a view to reducing the carbon footprint of Group operations. 

The award became the catalyst for the launch of the first version of Reyuz in March 2022, a project designed by VINCI Facilities (VINCI Energies) to give VINCI Energies business units (BUs) a responsible alternative to purchasing new equipment (office furniture, technical equipment, etc.). Reyuz, which takes the form of a smartphone app, provides increased visibility within the Group over resources that are available or stored unnecessarily in BUs and that could be sold securely from one business to another.   

An initial version of Reyuz has already been deployed among VINCI Energies business units in France, and a second is under development. This second version will supplement existing features with a carbon footprint report for transactions performed and a web interface. 

By promoting a circular economy approach, Reyuz helps meet the VINCI Group’s and consequently VINCI Energies’ environmental ambitions. 

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