A sorting solution for fresh products by Actemium Lyon Logistics

Since 2002, Actemium Lyon Logistics has been supporting E. Leclerc with the automation of its procurement centres located throughout France. In 2022, the Charente Poitou procurement centre (the “SCACHAP” – Société Centrale d’approvisionnement Charente Poitou) chose Actemium Lyon Logistics for the processing of its fresh products to be supplied to 97 hypermarkets, supermarkets and Drive stores in the region.

Every day, the SCACHAP receives, sorts and ships a variety of fresh products containing liquids from its new 15,000 m² temperature-controlled warehouse in Ruffec (Charente).

At this hub, the fresh products are received in the form of pallets comprising identical packs. These products are then manually fed into the system by the machine operators from their ergonomic workstations, featuring among other things automatic pallet height alignment. Once fed into one of the nine automated lines, these products are identified using a 3-sided barcode reading solution proposed by the Cognex.

Fresh products are then automatically fed into a 350 m mechanical crossbelt sorter supplied by Interroll with a speed of 1.5 m/s. The solution is particularly well adapted for the varied product types and requirements of the stores and Drive outlets, especially concerning preparation quality, deadline compliance, product integrity and packaging quality. The facility comprises 97 gravity-fed outlets, each corresponding to a store or Drive site in the region. The fresh products are then automatically dispatched via one of the exits according to the supply requirements of the store or Drive outlet in question and manually placed on a pallet for shipment.

Thanks to this solution, the SCACHAP is sorting up to 140,000 packs per day, which has enabled the centre to increase its fresh food activities and for the group to open new sales outlets in the region. Actemium Lyon Logistics is also providing support for other E.Leclerc procurement centres.

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