“Alternance dating” to recruit young construction electricians

On 16 June 2021, VINCI Energies took part in a work-study recruitment operation with the apprentice training centre BTP CFA Gironde’s Mérignac branch for construction electricians to recruit work-study students.

This “alternance dating” event was held in a new 200 m² building dedicated to this training.

The event brought together the apprenticeship students at the apprentice training centre and five VINCI Energies companies located in the area. 

The aim was twofold. For VINCI Energies, the aim was to find future employees for its business units in the region. For the young people, it was to join a company that will support and train them throughout their vocational training to become an electrician in the building sector.

Following the individual interviews, several candidates caught the attention of the recruiters present and are expected to join one of the five VINCI Energies companies that participated.

According to Christophe Laborde, Director of VINCI Energies in France, “Rather than exclusively considering experienced applicants, we turned the tables by actively seeking candidates with no previous training. Our business units need people with strong social and soft skills, and enthusiastic 18- to 25-year-olds fit the bill.”

BTP CFA Gironde wants to broaden the range of training courses on offer to include professional qualifications for construction electricians.