An experience that takes you out of your normal environment: interview with Bénédicte Tardieu

During her 15 years at VINCI Energies, Bénédicte Tardieu, a business unit manager at Citeos, has come into contact with the VINCI Foundation on several occasions. In 2020, she decided to promote it among other employees by becoming an ambassador.

What led you to become an ambassador for the Fondation d’Entreprise VINCI pour la Cité

Bénédicte: I’ve been an ambassador since early 2020, a rather unusual year to get started in this new role! I rediscovered all of the organisation’s initiatives during a speech given by the Foundation’s regional manager at a “PSP” event (which focuses on presenting VINCI Energies business unit strategies). This inspired me to volunteer to promote the VINCI Foundation and its activities among staff by becoming an ambassador. 

What does the role of ambassador entail?  

B.: I think an ambassador’s main job is being a local link in organisations that are not always very straightforward. The role also involves communicating with all staff and trying to engage them in projects.   

How has your involvement changed in recent years? 

B.: Being an ambassador has not only enabled me to find out more about the voluntary sector but also to take part in a variety of programmes. For example, I mentored a refugee as part of a partnership between the VINCI Foundation and the each One organisation, and a young person in her fourth year at secondary school who was experiencing problems. 

What do you get from the experience?  

B.: A clear feeling that I’m doing something that is useful to society, even if it’s just a drop in the ocean! I’m conscious of how fortunate I am to be part of a Group that gives us the opportunity to engage in corporate support initiatives. 

How would you encourage other staff to get involved in a project supported by the Foundation? 

B.: These experiences are always very rewarding as they take you out of your normal environment and, as a result, they help put your daily life into perspective.