Axians ICT Austria renews its partnership with DPD France

IT full-service provider Axians ICT Austria has concluded a mega-deal with DPD France: the French delivery service operator will continue to use the cargoNET logistics system, developed in-house by the Austrian company, for a further ten years.

DPD France has been relying for 25 years now on the software platform from Austria, which offers a cost-optimized solution for the handling of parcel deliveries. “From the outset, we’ve been working together with DPD on a pay-per-use basis. We have been working very well for both of us for quarter of a century with this business model.  Against the backdrop of the current boom in parcel deliveries, we wish to continue our collaboration on the basis of a risk-sharing model”, says Edgar Reiter, CEO of Axians ICT Austria.

Axians: a customer-centric logistics software

CargoNET is a software for express and parcel delivery providers which, for volumes of at least five million parcels per year. It handles the entire transportation logistics. It was developed in 1994 in Linz, where a specialised team continues to work on constantly further developing it. “Our cargoNET platform ensures optimal supply chain management right through to the end customer, and high availability of the systems. The multi-million deal with DPD France highlights our highly-developed competence in the field of logistics, which we are further expanding in a highly-focused way”, says Edgar Reiter. In addition to cargoNET, the software portfolio of Axians ICT Austria boasts two further in-house solutions: the transport and warehouse management software lbase and the web service platform addHelix. Axians ICT Austria’s solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the providers both of logistics services and of express and parcel deliveries.

The DPD Group: Europe’s largest parcel service network

DPD France is part of the DPD Group, Europe’s largest parcel service network. It employs more than 2,100 people in France, where its 58 depots deliver an average of some 420,000 parcels per day. The company was set up in 1995 under the Exapaq brand, the result of a merging of 19 regional delivery services. Since 2006 it has been a subsidiary of La Poste, operating since 2015 under the DPD brand. Cooperation between the company and what is now Axians ICT Austria (then known as ILS Consult) began in the year of its foundation, 1995, continuing to this day – and has now been extended for a further ten years.