Charity partnership with hospice

The AEP Rhein/Ruhr and Actemium Service Düsseldorf business units in Germany have provided financial and practical support to the Regenbogenland hospice for children and teenagers in Düsseldorf.

Regenbogenland is a hospice providing palliative care for children, teenagers and young adults who have serious illnesses or disabilities. It aims to help families spend the time they have left with their child in the most positive way possible.

The “Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Düsseldorf e.V.” charitable organisation, which is responsible for the hospice, doesn’t receive any government or local authority funding. The AEP Rhein/Ruhr business unit therefore decided to make a financial donation to the organisation. “We are very pleased to be able to support this important work and in particular the families concerned,” explains Markus Balz, manager of AEP Rhein/Ruhr.

All the people in the photo have tested negative for COVID.

The Actemium Service Düsseldorf business unit is also working to support the organisation by offering practical assistance at the hospice. In December 2022, together with the technical services team from Regenbogenland, an electrician from the company checked all of the main electrical appliances such as the night lights, television sets and lighting systems in the rest areas. This support continued through January 2023 to ensure that all the electrical appliances needed by families could be inspected.

“Regenbogenland is grateful for this valuable assistance”, said Katja Schweeberg, project manager at the hospice.