Creation of TIM, a company that fosters integration through jobs in facilities management

VINCI Energies and Vitamine T have set up TIM, with support from the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité.

VINCI Energies and Vitamine T (a prominent player in the social entrepreneurship sector and one of the leading providers of social integration paths through jobs in France) have teamed up with the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité to create TIM, a social integration company that specialises in facilities management. TIM is active in the Greater Paris area, where it provides services through posted or itinerating workers.

Their shared goal is to build paths into jobs in facilities management through a social joint venture employing people on integration programmes. TIM employees will provide a variety of services, or work as hospitality officers and factotums. Vitamine T in return will provide one-to-one social support and professional coaching, leveraging its extensive experience in using economic mechanisms to “get people back into jobs.”