#diversitychallenge in Germany

VINCI Energies is taking part in the Diversity Challenge in Germany. The topic the teams have chosen is “show diversity”.

12 VINCI Energies employees are taking part in the 6-month Diversity Challenge in Germany. The topic they have chosen to work on is “show diversity.”

Three topics
This year’s theme for all submissions is “a diverse society in the workplace”, and more than 100 people have signed up to take part in this challenge in one of its three categories: “show diversity”, “live diversity” and “rethink diversity”.

Taking action
This challenge has two goals. One is to fire up enthusiasm around diversity. The other is to step up young people’s commitment to workplaces where everyone is respected. The competition is funded by Demokratie Leben (“Live Democracy”), a federal programme. The teams have six months to create, roll out and document an idea to take action on the topic they have chosen. A panel will then review their project.

Mentors will provide VINCI Energies’ 12 participating employees with advice on taking concrete action on a daily basis.

Diversity Charter
VINCI Energies in Germany signed the country’s Diversity Charter in 2019 to send out its message. This Charter is aimed at eliminating all discrimination based on ethnic background, gender and gender identity and age in recruitment processes for young people. At the German Federal Government’s initiative, the goal is to “work towards a work environment that is diversified, appreciative and free from prejudice.”