Fiber och Elkraft i Norr AB joins VINCI Energies in Sweden

Fiber och Elkraft i Norr AB specialises in optical fibre and electrical installations, and thanks to its 22 employees, generates revenue of €3.2 million. This new acquisition strengthens VINCI Energies’ business in Sweden.

The company was founded in 2011 by Jörgen Pääjärvi and Mikael Rautio, and the two owners remain the company’s managers. They are enthusiastic about the future:

“It is invigorating to gain the confidence of VINCI Energies and with it, the opportunity to contribute to expanding its presence in northern Sweden. We have a similar business culture and share the same values. We also share the objectives of growth and resilience, which promises great prospects for all our employees.

The engineering company operates in Norrbotten, the most northerly region in Sweden. It is mainly focused on industrial maintenance activities, and also installs electrical and fibre-optic infrastructure.

In Sweden, the network of VINCI Energies business units is united under the global brands Axians, Actemium and Omexom, and the local brands Eitech, Emil Lundgren and INAC Process. United, with a strong local presence and a culture of innovation, they are playing their part in the digital transformation and energy transition.

Emmanuel Dunat, CEO of VINCI Energies Sweden, says: “We warmly welcome Fiber och Elkraft’s employees to our dynamic network. This great addition brings us added strength and increased knowledge, which will be important for working effectively with our customers and suppliers. Together, we can play a leading role in northern Sweden’s energy transition.

The acquisition will not affect existing Fiber och Elkraft i Norr AB employees, customers or suppliers. The company continues to operate under the same name and brand.