Fondation VINCI – Interview with a sponsor

Elodie Bargain, accountant at CEGELEC Haute Normandie, is the sponsor for Le Grenier in Le Havre. The charity is specialised in collecting, recycling and selling textiles.

Le Grenier operates an integration through work programme, which is aimed primarily at women. The charity employs over 100 people, and achieves 85% positive outcomes – 85% of people involved in a reintegration programme enrol in education or find a job at the end of the programme.

  • What is your role with Le Grenier?

For the last two years, I’ve been sponsoring the charity. I initially held practice interviews for the people supported by the charity. The aim is to help them overcome the difficulties they have with this particular exercise so they feel more at ease when it comes to the real thing. I was also able to encourage a colleague working in HR in my company to get involved with the charity too. Each month, the two of us get together with a new group of people receiving support through the charity. By the end of the year, another colleague working in risk prevention will be joining us.

  • How has your involvement changed over the years?

It’s just grown and grown! I started out just donating the clothes me and my children no longer wore, and in September 2020, I became they charity’s Treasurer! Nowadays, I can legitimately say “us” when I talk about Le Grenier.

  • What do you gain from this experience?

I get immediate gratification from feeling I’m doing something worthwhile. For example, at the end of a week of mock interviews, one person said to me, “That was really helpful, I feel a lot less nervous now”. It’s also great to see just how motivated the people receiving support through the charity are – they’re full of energy and drive to make a success of themselves.