Hällsjö and Hamra electrical substations to be upgraded

Svenska kraftnät has appointed Omexom to upgrade Hällsjö and Hamra substations, important transmission points for central Sweden’s power grid.

In order to ensure high availability and operational reliability at all times at Hällsjö and Hamra substations, Svenska kraftnät is investing in more modern components and systems, which are to be integrated by Omexom.

Omexom’s role and technical scope differ significantly for each substation.

For the 220 kV transmission network project in Hällsjö, Omexom will install new auxiliary power supply, control and telecommunications systems in a new control building. It will also upgrade the substation’s anti-intrusion system.

As regards the 400/220 kV substation in Hamra, Omexom will replace many of the existing systems and equipment on a live site. This represents a challenge for the teams not only due to the size of the facility but also because the replacement of relay protection equipment and the introduction of a new signals system must be performed in several stages to ensure the smooth functioning of the live substation. Works on the two substations will start in 2023 and are due to be completed at the end of 2024.