Neoratech and VINCI Energies win Effectiveness Award!

On 30 June, the “Village by CA” network recognised the collaboration between Neoratech and VINCI Energies by presenting them with the award for most effective cooperation as part of the 2022 “Le Village Awards”.

Neoratech’s story began in 2018 when the start-up received the PEPITE award (which supports innovative entrepreneurship projects run by students and recent graduates) from the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research. The project developed by Mathias Arbet-Pont and Thomas Cazor, co-founders of Neoratech, drew the attention of the VINCI Group which supported the start-up in 2021 through the Leonard incubator’s Seed programme. 

Ever mindful of the safety of its employees, VINCI Energies naturally took an interest in the equipment offered by Neoratech. As a result, Jean-Michel Dedôme, deputy director for human resources at VINCI Energies France, decided to become a mentor for the project and to help Arbet-Pont and Cazor develop their products. 


Specialising in the production of personal protective equipment for fitters and engineers operating in hazard zones, Neoratech will enable VINCI Energies, among others, to better protect electricians working on systems in France and worldwide. Thanks to CheckGloves, more malleable gloves with a built-in box, and CheckHelmets, helmets with a visor-integrated head-up display, the aim is to make it easier for employees in the field to use safety equipment. 

This winning collaboration between Neoratech and VINCI Energies won the Effectiveness Award at the 2022 “Le Village Awards”. 

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