Omexom to power construction site to the New Aker Hospital

Omexom in Norway has secured a contract in the construction of the new Aker Hospital in Oslo, marking one of Norway's most substantial projects in the 2020s.

The Critical Power BU of Omexom in Norway is set to play an important role in the realization of the Aker Hospital. This undertaking is not only an important one for the BU and the company, but also holds importance for the construction activity to build a new hospital for city of Oslo at Aker. 

The awarded contract, with a base value of 9 million NOK (767,700 Euro), encompasses the supply of four temporary high-voltage transformers, various equipment, and the provision of an operations manager, providing ample power for the coming construction site. 

“While the initial contract value may appear modest, our enthusiasm for being a part of such a monumental project in Norway is immense. Additionally, we are quite confident that the demand for our expertise and services will grow significantly as the project advances,” remarked BA manager Øyvind Gusland.  

The Southern Norway Regional Health Authority is the contracting management for the large-scale project, designed to enhance healthcare services for Oslo’s residents.  
The project, slated for completion in 2031, aims to achieve a 23 percent increase in bed capacity, improve maternity services, and significantly enhance the mental health care services for the capital’s residents.  

“We are very pleased to get this contract,” says Ove Lende, BU Manager for Critical Power, before he continues to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of his colleagues, Knut Inge Altmann and the rest of his tender team, in crafting the winning proposal.