Overhead power lines that birds will see more clearly

Omexom Belgium has installed markers on power lines for Elia, to protect birds.

Elia, which operates Belgium’s high-voltage network, has teamed up with Natuurpunt, an independent non-profit that protects vulnerable and endangered species. One of Natuurpunt’s studies showed that many birds collide with this line, and identified an increased risk on about 6% on all overhead lines in Belgium.

Omexom Belgium’s teams have installed these markers to divert birds away from the power lines. In a nutshell, they make the lines more visible for birds, so as to avoid collisions.
Belgium has more than 5,600 km of overhead power lines, of which 325 km pose an increased risk to birds. Elia has already installed markers on a total of 50 km and initial checks by Natuurpunt show that the number of birds injured or killed by collisions has dropped considerably so far. The Evergem overhead line, one of the most dangerous for birds, is now equipped with markers over a 1 km stretch.