Power that brings autonomy

For Flávio Gomide, Business Unit Manager at Omexom Brazil, an engineering role at VINCI Energies offers a double opportunity: to actively contribute to energy transition and to develop his entrepreneurial skills for projects that improve people’s lives.

Flávio Gomide, Business Unit Manager at Omexom Brazil, is passionate about the environmental impact of his work.

“It’s very important to me that our projects make a tangible contribution to energy transition,” he says. In Brazil, with the hydroelectric power plants that generate close to two-thirds of the country’s electricity now over 30 years old on average, the needs are immense. “We are actively contributing to the modernisation of these production facilities, including by digitalising them,” emphasises this 43-year-old engineer with a passion for projects that tangibly change people’s lives.

Flávio Gomide heads a team of 40 specialists in hydroelectric and solar energy. “What I really appreciate at VINCI Energies is the autonomy,” he says. “I’m really like a general manager, managing operations and customer relations at the same time. Every year, in September, I present my three-year business strategy, an action plan co-designed with my team rather than imposed from on high. This way of working, specific to VINCI Energies, is highly gratifying and motivating.”

His team is currently working on three major projects: modernisation of the Engie group’s hydroelectric power plant at the Jaguara Dam, the Nova Ponte power plant for Cemig Geração e Transmissão, and Enel’s Horizonte solar farm. Flávio Gomide believes that there is space in the Brazilian market to create and structure, in a sustainable way, two entities, dedicated to the solar and hydroelectric markets respectively.