Profession coach IA

Lead data scientist at Axians Portugal and AI coach at Leonard, João Guarda strives to carry out his work responsibly while seeking to have a positive impact on people's lives and the planet.

“When you work in artificial intelligence (AI), you constantly need to consider the ethics and implications of what you’re doing.” This responsible approach to AI and the necessary awareness-raising work involved is something that João Guarda, 27, lead data scientist at Axians Portugal, has been putting into practice since October 2022 as part of his new role as AI coach at Leonard, VINCI’s innovation platform. The role involves training employees from the Group’s various business units and contributing to an AI research project based on observation of the planet.

At Leonard, João Guarda can draw on all the very diverse skills required in his job as data scientist. “First, you have to be able to identify artificial intelligence use cases,” explains the young Portuguese engineer. “You then have to move onto the project implementation phase. And finally, it’s crucial to be able to form and lead a team internally and with the client so as to complete the project.” All of these capabilities serve his goal to have a positive impact on people’s daily lives, which remains the main motivation in his work. “AI can help achieve small things, like automating tedious tasks, as well as big things by optimising energy consumption for example.”

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Photo credit: ©Pau Storch