Rebranding of TLT-Building and TLT-Connection

VINCI Energies is accelerating the integration of the TLT activities acquired in October 2022: TLT-Building and TLT-Connection distribution and transmission businesses now operate under the Omexom brand, while TLT-Connection telecommunication business becomes Axians.

In October 2022, VINCI Energies announced the acquisition of TLT-Building and TLT-Connection, two multi-technical companies providing global solutions for electrical and telecommunications network operators, from design to build and maintenance. Both companies have extensive experience in infrastructure and a strong territorial presence throughout Finland.

Omexom, the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to energy infrastructure, is operating in Finland since the acquisition of Infratek, in 2018. Omexom is working with major Finnish transmission and distribution system operators, providing a complete service range: Engineering, Projects, Maintenance and Repair.

The integration of the TLT-Building and TLT-Connection activities will strengthen and continue to develop the Omexom brand locally through the integration of complementary skills such as high-voltage overhead lines.

Axians is VINCI Energies brand dedicated to information and communication technology. The rebranding of the TLT-Connection activities launches the Axians brand in Finland and deploys its expertise in telecommunications infrastructure throughout the country.

“We are honored to develop the Omexom brand and launch the Axians brand in Finland and will use our experience and expertise to ensure the smooth integration and sharing of values to facilitate the integration of these activities into the global networks,” said Veera Höglund, Managing Director of VINCI Energies in Finland.