Refrigeration expert puts his people skills into practice

Industrial refrigeration installer at CEF Industrie in Boulogne-sur-Mer, Cédric Dufossé has developed extensive expertise in his specialist area. This seasoned professional loves transferring his knowledge to younger generations.

Cédric Dufossé, 47, is an industrial refrigeration installer at CEF Industrie (a VINCI Energies business unit specialising in industrial and commercial refrigeration) in Boulogne-sur-Mer, in the Hauts-de-France region, northern France. “My work involves starting up systems that have been sized by the design office and improving their efficiency. It requires a lot of patience.” The results in terms of energy savings are significant: for example, maintaining the efficiency of a machine set at -7 °C when it usually operates at -9 °C can generate electricity savings of 4% over the year.

Cédric Dufossé is currently involved in the commissioning of a new plant in Arras for biopharmaceutical firm LFB, which manufactures plasma-derived medicinal products. His experience as installer and service technician has made him the refrigeration expert in the company and a mentor for younger employees in the team. “I’m currently supporting two young team members,” he notes. “I give them technical assistance over the phone or, for more complex problems, on site. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and seeing young people grow in their field. It also enables me to maintain links with the team because being an installer is a solitary profession.”

Over the next few years, Cédric Dufossé’s ambition is to continue doing his job as an installer and to further support young people “so as to make way for the next generation.”

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