Supply of drinking water in Kenya 

Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. is working on a project in Munyu, Kenya, to supply clean water to a school and a workshop for people with disabilities. Omexom Hochspannung GmbH recently made a donation to the organisation in order to support the project.

Omexom Hochspannung GmbH has renewed its support for another year for Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V.*, an independent, non-profit development cooperation organisation whose aim is to ensure that all human beings have access to basic infrastructure and are thus able to live a dignified life. The organisation’s work focuses on water, electricity and sanitation. 

Omexom Hochspannung has donated a cheque worth €2,500 to Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V., intended to support a sustainable management project in Munyu, Kenya. The organisation is working in the area with a project partner, Munyu e.V., on a water and electricity supply concept for Maria Magdalena Special School (MMSS) and Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshop (MMSW), both of which support people with disabilities. The two establishments are located in the municipality of Munyu, near the capital Nairobi. 

Strong population growth and shorter or even “failed” rainy seasons create bottlenecks in water supply. As a result, people increasingly need to resort to groundwater, with the uncontrolled infiltration of wastewater posing a threat to the quality of well water and presenting a health risk. 

*English translation: “Engineers without borders”.