Supporting and growing talent

In Sweden, VINCI Energies has launched its Next Generation – Young Talent Program, an in-house training scheme for young graduates seeking key positions in its business units. Read about Christoffer’s experiences as he trains* to become a product owner for the Axians GreenEdge solution.

Christoffer Jacobsson is 26 and comes from Beddingestrand, a small village in southern Sweden. He is currently in training at Axians IoT Operations, as part of its Next Generation – Young Talent Program. This scheme is aimed at young graduates seeking key positions in its business units and includes an apprenticeship in the field with mentor support, plus a training course at the Academy, the VINCI Energies in-house training organisation. As well as a broad appreciation of the structure and identity of VINCI Energies, the scheme offers young graduates support to develop their professional network and can be tailored to their personal career goals.

Christoffer aims to become a product owner for GreenEdge, a tool to help companies measure their carbon dioxide emissions and take appropriate steps to reduce them. His role involves tracking market trends, understanding internal needs, and identifying the markets and segments in which the business should continue to work.

An industrial economics graduate from the University of Linköping, Christoffer has always had a special interest in environmental issues. During his final two years at university, he decided to study energy and environment technologies. His course culminated in a dissertation on calculating climate impact on the various parts of a switchgear installation, and on the measures required to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

“I do really enjoy working on sustainable development issues, but it’s also important work that can have a real impact on the environment. At Axians, while I’m far from being a fully fledged expert, I’m learning every day and developing my skills,” says Christoffer.

*Since August 2023, Christoffer has been project manager at Axians IoT Operations.