“Thinking and acting like an entrepreneur”

Project manager at Omexom Renewable Energies Offshore in Germany, Lennart Reepschläger manages innovative programmes aimed at optimising offshore wind turbine inspection and operation of windfarms in general. The organisational system at VINCI Energies, which encourages autonomy, enables him to have a tangible and rapid impact.

Lennart Reepschläger has no shortage of projects in his pipeline, “OBSERVAERO”, “Mini-ROV” and “Sound Scanning” to name just a few. Project manager at Omexom Renewable Energies Offshore in Oldenburg near Bremen in northern Germany, this 28-year-old engineer is working on four projects designed to optimise the inspection and operation of offshore wind turbines.

OBSERVAERO is a service for inspecting rotor blades via drone and assessing the results with AI support; a “Mini-ROV” is an underwater robot that checks the condition of wind turbine foundations; and Sound Scanning is an acoustic inspection method for localization and assessment of acoustic phenomenons. He also manages a fourth programme that focuses on rotor blade repair. All should be operational in 2023.

“Apart from these projects, I’m also involved in the strategic development of our new business unit and the sales activities of our solutions and services,” stresses Lennart Reepschläger. What the young project manager likes above all in his work is the opportunity to contribute towards the energy transition and the autonomy he enjoys in carrying out his projects. “The support from other VINCI Group entities like Omexom Brand Team, LEONARD, Axians and VIA IMC, from VINCI Energies and its ENERGIZE programme, which helps business units with their innovation projects, and from Digitalschmiede, a centre for innovation in Frankfurt, is a huge asset.”

The organisational system and operating method at VINCI Energies facilitate the process. “VINCI Energies business units are highly autonomous,” he notes. “Our unit can implement its own strategy with a great deal of freedom and in full confidence with VINCI Energies. Even at my level of project manager, I’m encouraged to think and act as an entrepreneur. I manage my projects independently. That means I can be flexible and adapt quickly depending on needs. That’s really motivating.”