Vendée Globe: 102 children with heart diseases saved!

Samantha Davies set out on the most world’s most renowned sailing race, the Vendée Globe, in November 2020. Her yacht sustained damage but she was determined to push on and completed her journey around the world none the less. Thanks to her, 102 children with heart diseases from disadvantaged countries will be saved.

Sailing solo around the world
Sam had a great start, but the ocean can be unforgiving and cost her the race only 28 days in. Her yacht, Initiatives-Cœur, hit a UFO (in this case an Unidentified Floating Object), which damaged its keel. She regretfully had to retire from the race and make her way to Cape Town where the mechanics were expecting her.

102 children saved
After 10 days at the docks, the keel was repaired and Sam announced that she would complete her journey around the world for one reason: to save even more children. She sailed past the finish line in Les Sables d’Olonne on 26 February and was met by a cheering audience – including Junior and Marie-Désirée, two children that had recently had heart surgery.

Her biggest reward on completing her journey was to learn that 102 children would be able to receive heart surgery as a result. Sam showed her joy and pride by drawing a heart in the ocean with her yacht, off the coast of Les Sables-d’Olonne the day before she docked.