VINCI Energies acquires Rhön-Montage Group in Germany

VINCI Energies acquires Rhön-Montage Group in Germany, one of the leading service providers for FTTH (Fiber to the Home) broadband infrastructures in the country, serving national telecommunications network operators in the metropolitan regions of Cologne, Dresden, Würzburg and Stuttgart and also regional carriers in many federal states.

Founded in 1970, Rhön-Montage Group had a turnover of more than 70 m€ with 400 employees in 2021. Headquartered in Frammersbach in Lower Franconia, Rhön-Montage plans, installs and maintains cable networks applying innovative solutions for cable measurement, cable and pipeline construction, fiber blowing and network maintenance, through its three companies Rhön-Montage Fernmeldebau, FFK Pipeline Construction and Fernmelde-Montage Gotha.

With this acquisition, VINCI Energies is significantly expanding its capacity for broadband expansion in Germany – as a contractor and service provider for planning, construction and operation of telecommunication infrastructure in this country.

Generating over €2.7 billion in revenue in 2021 across 27 countries, VINCI Energies’ Axians business units operate at the heart of the digital transformation. They deliver customised, innovative, scalable and sustainable solutions to support their customers, covering the entire data life cycle: collection, transmission, storage, processing, analysis, sharing and protection. In Germany, Axians business units achieved a turnover of 479 m€ in 2021, with 1,900 employees.

Jacques Diaz, Managing Director of Axians Business Units in Germany, states: “Our activity is buoyant and the demand for comprehensive services for broadband expansion in Germany is high. I am all the more pleased that with Rhön-Montage a highly recognized and very competent service provider is joining our group. We are now in an even better position to carry out large-scale projects and offer everything from a single source in fiber optic expansion (FttX). With our more than 1,100 broadband specialists from Axians and Rhön-Montage and a strong geographical coverage, we are a leading provider in this market. Together we will now continue to expand the broadband network infrastructures with full force – on which the digital transformation of Germany depends to a large extent.”

Manfred Thurmann, Managing Director Rhön-Montage Group states: “In choosing VINCI Energies, we made a conscious decision in favor of the strategically best prospective buyer. Just like us, the group acts very customer and employee-oriented and is geared towards long-term success. I am very sure that due to the decentralized strategy of VINCI Energies, the identity of our companies will be retained, while at the same time we will benefit from the advantages of a very successful group.”