VINCI Energies acquires the Swiss company Gfeller Elektro AG

VINCI Energies acquired Gfeller Elektro AG on 2 June 2022. The Swiss company specialises in electrical installations, telematics and Smart ICT, services and small installations, lighting and Smart Home solutions and has a solid customer base in retail business, property, the hotel and restaurant industry and public authorities.

Gfeller Elektro AG will broaden ETAVIS SA’s portfolio of electrotechnical and technical building expertise by offering its customers solutions in these fields, together with renewable energies, exposure control techniques, consulting services and engineering.

While ETAVIS is already well positioned in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and has a strong regional base, the merger with Gfeller Elektro AG will enable it to establish positions in the Berne market, thereby offering the best possible service to local customers.

Commenting on the merger, Remy Wittwer, CEO of ETAVIS SA, said: “We are very happy to build the future with Gfeller Elektro AG and develop an even stronger presence in the Berne region together.” Andreas Jost, CEO of Gfeller Elektro AG, said: “We found the right partner for a merger with ETAVIS. We are delighted to be able to take advantage of ETAVIS AG’s experience and its network going forward”.

VINCI Energies posted revenue of €716.6 million in Switzerland and employs around 3,261 people.