VINCI Energies and UNICEF France sign a partnership agreement for education  

VINCI Energies and UNICEF France sign a four-year partnership agreement to support projects in Benin, Brazil and East Timor that will provide children with quality education through access to the digital world.

  • Two in three school-age children have no access to digital tools enabling quality online learning and education.  Source
  • VINCI Energies is financing three projects, designed and rolled out by UNICEF, to provide 56 schools in Benin, Brazil and East Timor with Internet access and computers and to prepare educational content tailored for children.  
  • 20,000 children will have better access to education and be able to build their own digital skills, which are essential for their future professional life.  

VINCI Energies’ purpose in everything it does is all-round performance, encompassing the social, societal and environmental dimensions beyond technical, economic and financial concerns. Learning and training are powerful development levers for VINCI Energies employees. For this reason, and because education for all reduces inequalities and fosters local development, it makes sense for VINCI Energies to support UNICEF through a partnership that reaches the most vulnerable children.  

UNICEF intends to tackle the learning crisis by providing children and youths with equal access to quality online education. An Internet connection opens the door to an environment that fosters learning: in addition to the necessary skills taught as school (reading, writing and numeracy), it enables children and youths to access more knowledge and learn at their own pace.  

VINCI Energies is supporting UNICEF by financing projects in Benin, Brazil and East Timor that will enable 20,000 learners aged 6 to 18 to connect to the Internet and access online knowledge. These three projects are aimed at providing hybrid teaching, bringing together digital technologies and more conventional teaching methods.  

UNICEF will thus connect 56 schools to the Internet in these three countries, equip them with computers and work with an estimated more than 400 teachers to set up school programmes combining conventional and online education.  

This overlaps with one of UNICEF’s missions: to ensure each child’s right to education. The public schools that UNICEF has selected for these three projects are in vulnerable areas where school enrolment rates are below the national average and where Internet connection rates are low.  

Arnaud Grison, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of VINCI Energies, said, “We are committed to getting involved for the long run and to supporting our teams working in the general interest. Beyond the many initiatives our people are taking locally, we would like to make a statement about the importance of solidarity in the life of our business units. We have no doubt in our minds that the ultimate purpose of everything we do is all-round performance, including social and societal performance. We are excited about signing this agreement with UNICEF and funding these three projects, which will have a tangible, real and immediate impact on teachers and learners.”  

UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product or service.

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