VINCI Energies continues to expand in Quebec with the acquisition of Elecso

VINCI Energies, via its subsidiary TCI (Transelec Common Inc.), has acquired Elecso, a company that specialises in electrical installations and instruments based in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec (Canada).

“Acquiring Elecso is a strategic move for VINCI Energies, following on from TCI in 2020. It is contributing to enlarging our business portfolio by opening doors into the industrial sector,” says Philippe Peter, Managing Director of VINCI Energies Canada Infra. He adds, “We are a network built on excellence and are growing in an agile manner by integrating the best companies in each sector.”

Elecso was established in 1976 and provides services relating to medium-voltage networks, electricity distribution, lighting and instruments for ports and airports, as well as the pulp and paper, aluminium and biomethanation (biological treatment of residual organic matter) industries. It has some 130 employees and generated C$32 million in revenue in 2022.

The company will strengthen VINCI Energies’ operation in Quebec, within TCI, a leader in the province for complex, large-scale projects, which provides the most diversified network of expertise in renewable energy infrastructure, telecommunications, urban equipment and value-added ancillary services. For 45 years, TCI has been building cutting-edge expertise in construction and maintenance of infrastructure for production, transport and distribution of hydro and wind energy, electrification of transport systems, creation and maintenance of telecommunications and VDI (Voice, Data and Image) systems, and development and upgrade of urban facilities including public lighting, water pipeline replacement and pavement construction.

“With the arrival of Elecso, we are thrilled to welcome new employees who are keen to work in and for the energy transition,” adds Philippe Peter.