VINCI Foundations: testimonial with Proxité

Vincent Carrio, regional director at Uxello, is sponsor of Nesrinne, an 18-year-old high school pupil studying science, health and social science and technology.

Proxité put me in touch with Nesrinne, an 18-year-old high school pupil studying science, health and social science and technology who lives in the Bottière district of Nantes and wants to get into health and social care.

I met her once a week to help her focus her educational goals and ultimately successfully pass her end-of-year exams. I tapped into my personal network to put her in touch with people working in health and social care. That’s how we met with a social worker, so we could better understand what’s involved in the job. Soon, we’ll be meeting with a nurse to learn about a different profession within the healthcare industry. At the same time, I’m helping her revise her biology lessons, and in January we’ll start working on improving her public speaking to help her prepare for her end-of-year oral exam.

The conversations I have with Nesrinne are always really interesting, and we discuss a whole range of general issues in society, including music, culture, religion and family. Her fresh take on these topics, and the insight into the life of an 18-year-old young woman encourages me to see things differently in my own life – both at home and work – in particular my approach to recruitment. I believe that she has as much to teach me as I can teach her.” 

Set up in 2002, the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité supports projects that provide long-term solutions to the social and professional integration issues facing disadvantaged people. The foundation supports initiatives on the ground in areas near VINCI operations in France and Europe. It also encourages employee involvement and promotes social innovation within VINCI Energies business lines.

In order to adapt to the variety of situations locally and embed community engagement deep within the regions, the Fondation VINCI pour la cité supports the creation of foundations outside France. There are now 14 sponsorship structures that are taking long-term action to combat exclusion.

Germany: VINCI Stiftung für gesellschaftliche Verantwortung (VINCI Foundation for social responsibility)

Belgium: Fonds VINCI

Spain: Fundación VINCI España

France: Sillon Solidaire

Greece: Syndesmos VINCI

Netherlands: VINCI Foundation NL

Czech Republic: Nadace VINCI

United Kingdom: Isle of Wight Foundation

United Kingdom and Ireland: VINCI UK Foundation

Slovakia: Nadacia Granvia