When hope blooms amid disaster – Hoffnungswerk e.V. 

Since September 2021, Hoffnungswerk e.V. has been working to help communities hit by floods in the Ahr valley.

Photo credits: Hoffnungswerk e.V.

In July 2021, the Ahr Valley in Germany suffered devastating flooding that submerged towns and villages, leaving behind a trail of destruction. 

The charity Hoffnungswerk e.V. was set up in September 2021 to provide support to residents living in badly affected areas over the medium and long term. In addition to its work to repair the damage sustained, the charity offers social and psychological assistance to people in the affected communities. For example, they have developed the project “Kids Bus and Kids Trailer”, which consists of two travelling playgrounds created inside a double-decker bus and a trailer. These two vehicles are used to reach out to populations that no longer have a playful and sharing space. They are mainly used as playgrounds for children celebrating their birthdays. Among other initiatives, the association is also setting up a “Come-together Café”, a place to welcome and inform people who wish to benefit from therapeutic advice.   

Photo credits: Hoffnungswerk e.V.

  Kai Schmidt, a buyer at CSC BA West, a VINCI Energies business unit, heard about the charity through VINCI Stiftung. He decided to sponsor Hoffnungswerk e.V. and spend some of his free time helping the local community. Kai also helped to set up an agreement between the company and the charity, which means Hoffnungswerk e.V. can buy electronic components for the Come-together-Café such as cables, fuses and electric distribution panels at the same price CSC BA West purchases them from its suppliers. The company also supplies the charity with the parts the volunteers need to install the equipment.  

Photo credits: Hoffnungswerk e.V.

We need to help one another. The world is full of unforeseen events, such as natural disasters and wars, which is why it is so important to spread a little happiness where we can. It also brings us volunteers an awful lot personally.