Widening possibilities 

In her role as the business unit manager at Omexom RE Solar in the South of France, Anabelle Bories has found a niche that combines her different professional aspirations: autonomy, responsibility, entrepreneurial spirit and solidarity.

“Having an overall vision of what I do and not just being another ant in the anthill.” This is the credo that has guided Anabelle Bories throughout her career. Since 2023, her role as the business unit manager at Omexom RE Solar has encapsulated this perfectly. “This is a role that comes with a lot of responsibilities but also offers opportunities, especially in terms of creativity and initiatives to express the vision you have for your business unit.” 

Aged 41 and leading a team of 40 people based in Montpellier, she manages innovative turnkey projects, from sunshades on the car parks at Lyon Airport to an agrivoltaic power plant in the Aude, via a solar farm on former uranium mines in the West. And throughout, she reaffirms her commitment to equality. 

A sponsor at the voluntary organisation Elles bougent, Anabelle Bories helps raise awareness of technical education and training among female high school students. She is also a member of the Hub au Féminin network in Occitanie, which brings together female managers of VINCI Energies business units and other entities. This is something that Anabelle Bories truly believes in: “It’s so important to encourage these vocations, to remove bias and widen possibilities.”