VINCI Energies introduces Inerbiz, an investment fund for innovation

VINCI Energies is introducing Inerbiz, its managerial and financial investment fund to support and finance innovative startups in its business sectors.

Inerbiz is VINCI Energies’ way of speeding up its expansion into new technologies to support its customers through two game-changing megatrends: the digital transformation and the energy transition. It will support projects revolving around the future of cities, buildings, industry and energy, and around smart grids.

The Group is planning to develop long-term win-win industrial and business partnerships with startups by providing them with comprehensive managerial support and opportunities to prototype and experiment their breakthroughs.

This first stake in Dutch startup HAL24K will bolster VINCI Energies’ big-data expertise and, in return, provide HAL24K with a gateway into large markets.

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