A planning centre for the teams at Omexom Spain

Set up in response to the economic crisis in Spain, the planning centre has been designed to oversee Omexom’s assignments throughout the country.

Daniel Aragüez, manager of the planning centre, explained its role is to, “centralise all operations, organise and optimise client orders. Here, we manage both planned and unplanned operations.” The platform, developed by VINCI Energies, ensures Omexom is able to maintain contact with its employees in the field, track vehicles, check parts and schedules, and provide clients with a guarantee the job has been completed. Daniel Aragüez was keen to point out that, “the planning centre adds value as it offers full traceability from the client order through to certification the work has been properly carried out.”

Omexom’s planning centre, which employs 25 people full time, also plays an important role in ensuring compliance with safety rules. At the start of an assignment, each team must log all safety information about their task on their mobile phone. “We decided to develop our own app so employees would have an effective working tool. It sets out their tasks for the day, with details about PPE, the colleagues with whom they’ll be working and the vehicles they have at their disposal,”said Francisco Morilla, Operations and Maintenance Director at Omexom Spain.

It can also be used to help plan Omexom operations in Argentina and provide technical support to the teams in Colombia, which already have their own planning centre.

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