Actemium provides maintenance services on industrial sorting machines at 15 facilities operated by the Groupe La Poste

In April 2021, Actemium Maintenance Logistique Paris renewed its maintenance contract for the Groupe La Poste’s letter and parcel sorting machines for a further five years.

The contract involves 110 employees across 15 customer facilities all over France, offering continuous presence during operations (6 days a week, 24 hours a day). Actemium provides preventive and corrective maintenance services on the letter and parcel sorting machines, guaranteeing minimum availability of 99%.

NAOMI, 360° Predictive Maintenance

Actemium has deployed a digital solution with its modular and scalable predictive maintenance service, NAOMI. Naomi offers progressive, tailored support to maintenance engineers, oversight of processes and machines as well as decision-making tools.