An app to help BUs and employees to make their company carbon neutral

Axians, the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to information and communication technology, proposes the Carbon Footprint app to its employees and BUs to help reducing their carbon emissions.

A personal dashboard as the most important part of the application is focused on emissions of business operations in Scope 3. The mobility tracking, which generates circa 80% of the staff emissions is parted into commuting trips, business travels and use of machinery.

It is possible to register machines, the company or personal car, used for commuting trips, business travels and operations. For business trips, employees indicate if they travelled by plane, by train, with a car or even with a bike. Thanks to a yearly CO2 budget set by the BU manager, everybody in the team is always aware of the own impact on the companies’ CO2.

The app informs, educates, and supports employees so that they take concrete measures and reduce their carbon footprint.

Another dashboard is dedicated to the business units. It allows the BU Manager to know the carbon emissions of the team, the facilities and sites rented, the waste and the main levers of the own unit. Information are provided at the team level, BU level or company or holding level (if many Bus or companies are concerned).

Engaged employees thanks to the gamification

An important part of this tool is the gamification: a “green community” area in which each one can educate her/himself but also where MarComs teams can publish dedicated contents and actions concerning circular economy, reduction of the GHG emissions and biodiversity. As an interactive tool, each employee can show her/his actions and feels engaged.

By receiving their own emissions level and the group average, employees are better aware of their impact on the environment. The app helps changing culture and mindset on the behaviour of each one in relation to the protection of the environment.

Watch the video: