Axians sets sail with the leading cruise ship builder

Virgin Voyages, the world’s largest cruise ship builder, awarded a contract to Axians SAIV to implement the digital communication network for three new ships.

The new vessels weigh around 110,000 tonnes and span 278 metres in length and 38 metres in width. With 1,430 cabins, each ship will be able to accommodate 2,770 passengers and 1,160 crew members. Construction is taking place in the port of Genoa and is scheduled for completion in 2023.

Axians SAIV has been tasked with installing video surveillance, telephony, wireless wifi and central equipment of the computer room. It will also assemble the passive data infrastructure (racks, copper and fibre cables) and active equipment (switches). All these services will be installed in two IT rooms on the boat in hyperconverged infrastructure, in a virtual environment with built-in redundancy.  

The new technology will provide passengers with an enhanced user experience, as they will be able to access and communicate using the Internet wherever they are on the boat.