Contract to upgrade and operate the Velbert Bürgerforum

VINCI Facilities signed a PPP with the German town of Velbert to upgrade and operate its civic centre, the Bürgerforum Niederberg.

The centre, built in the early 1980s, is ones of the town’s iconic cultural venues. It includes a 780-seater theatre, two recreation rooms and a meeting hall that hosts numerous exhibitions and events. Once the project is completed, the centre will offer additional services, including a media library, a cafeteria, a citizens office (Bürgerbüro), a community education centre and a music and arts centre.

Combine tradition and modernity

The first phase of the project involves renovating, extending and elevating the building to transform it into a modern, multipurpose venue. The original architecture, which is listed, will be preserved to combine tradition with modernity. The upgrade work and technology used will significantly improve the energy performance of the building so it exceeds federal requirements.

“Through this successful partnership, we will bring together culture and education all under one roof. We will create a cultural centre open to people of all ages, located in the heart of our town,” explained Dirk Lukrafka, Mayor of Velbert.

From renovation to operation

The partnership will continue with the contract to operate the building until 2048, worth a total €32 million. This phase will involve in particular providing concierge services, upkeep, maintenance, reinvestment and energy provision.

“We are working in close collaboration with the client, who benefits from shorter timescales and general contracting services,” explained Bernard Jean, Director of VINCI Facilities Solutions GmbH, subsidiary of VINCI Energies. “The architectural specificities and the challenges that arise as a result are what make the Bürgerforum Niederberg project special. It’s an iconic place that will showcase VINCI’s expertise on demanding projects.”

VINCI Energies has already successfully completed around twenty PPP projects in Germany since 2004, for which it is still providing operation and maintenance services.

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