Control technology for one of the world’s largest lift bridges

Actemium Hamburg recently played a key role in the construction of the Kattwyk floating rail bridge in the Port of Hamburg.

287 metres long, this structure is a key infrastructure project for the Port of Hamburg. It will serve primarily to separate traffic within the port: the new Kattwyk rail bridge, erected 58 metres north of the existing bridge, will separate road and rail traffic, considerably relieving the strain on the old bridge after more than four decades.

On behalf of SEH Engineering GmBH, Actemium Hamburg installed all medium-voltage equipment, transformers, audio and video systems, and the lift bridge control systems, and made a significant contribution to the smooth completion of the installation as a whole.

In December 2020, at the end of its four-and-a-half-year construction phase, the bridge will open with a lift height of 45.7 metres. 70 trains will run on the new bridge every day.