Creating the IT infrastructure for Italy’s largest vaccination centre

Axians Italy leads the way in creating the ICT infrastructure (network, firewall, sensors, cameras) for the country’s largest vaccination centre.

In April 2020, Axians Italy helped build the computing infrastructure for the emergency hospital in Milan. A year later, it is designing and developing the same service, this time for the largest vaccination centre in Italy, located in Milan’s Palazzo delle Scintilla and hosted by exhibition group Fiera Milano.

The centre is capable of administering 10,000 doses a day, and is targeting 100,000 a day. Patients follow a step-by-step codified route, from registration through to the observation area, ending their visit in the booking area for the second vaccine.

Axians Italy is responsible for installing IT networks – LAN and Wi-Fi. Care staff and the administration team are able to connect to a network secured behind a firewall, while patients can access the internet throughout their visit.

The business unit has also implemented a people management system and access control in the vaccination centre. Cameras have been installed to count the number of entries and exits, and to verify that social distancing is being maintained. Sensors also monitor the temperature and humidity, which are crucial factors in vaccination. Lastly, Axians Italy provides support and monitoring of the technologies installed, via a platform that supplies vaccination centre managers with real-time data.