Facilities management covering all Thales sites in France

A comprehensive facilities management contract covering Thales offices and buildings in France and a renewed confidence for five years.

The contract concerns the management of Thales’s 59 sites nationwide. Under the terms of the new contract, VINCI Facilities has committed to managing the sites with the aim of achieving an overall improvement in the performance of Thales’s buildings and offices. It has committed to reducing energy consumption by 20% in tertiary sector spaces, i.e. almost 8% of the total consumption of all the sites covered by the contract.

 Innovative digital solutions and tailored services

VINCI Facilities’ teams use responsive and optimised digital maintenance solutions such as “hypervision”. This solution, developed in house, runs all the buildings and adjusts services as required in real time. With this single interface, all building data can be aggregated and the power of big data is brought into play for the benefit of facilities management – energies monitoring, building information modelling (BIM), technical building management, spare parts inventory and assessments management, Internet of Things (IoT), users satisfaction levels –.  In parallel, a network of 90 hospitality managers will offer increasingly personalised services to Thales users and visitors, including technical and services skills.

 A long-term facilities management partnership between VINCI Facilities and Thales

Over recent years, VINCI Facilities and Thales have been carrying out a joint-innovation policy in the field of facilities management in a digital laboratory. This approach has resulted in several trials being run in such areas as services innovation, building information modelling (BIM) and the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT).

“We are delighted that Thales has renewed its confidence in us and we are convinced that this collaboration will set facilities management on a new path. The innovation dynamic that we have created with Thales over several years is enabling us to develop new digital solutions in the field of facilities management,” says Hervé Adam, executive vice-president of VINCI Energies.